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Getting outside in Arkansas.
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Be Happy Right Now: The Practice of Gratitude

Dear readers, Today I’m taking a break from travel blogging to talk about something dear to my heart. If you want to be happier (and who doesn’t?), read on. There’s a reason that I named my website Travel with Gratitude. Through personal experience, I’ve become convinced that practicing…

May 14, 2016
Lifestyle Mindfulness Tips

How to Meditate: My Quick-Start Guide

I wrote previously about meditation as a tool to help us retrain our minds. I have seen the positive effect of meditation on my own life over the past two years, which is why I get so excited to discuss it with others. When…

January 4, 2016
Lifestyle Mindfulness

Meditation: Not Just for Hippies

I had heard of meditation as a self-care tool. But like most people, I didn’t understand the purpose of meditation. It seemed like an activity for a niche crowd—monks, hippies and yogis. About a year and a half ago, I picked up a book…

January 4, 2016