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New Zealand Winter Road Trip

At the end of June, we headed to New Zealand for a three-week road trip. Because our time was limited, we only visited the South Island. This incredibly beautiful country quickly captured our hearts! New Zealand is clean and modern, but also time laid-back and charming. The relatively small…

December 19, 2017
My compatriots: Schuyler, Nina and Moritz.
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Annapurna v. Everest: A Trekking Comparison

After sharing our experience trekking in both the Annapurna Conservation Area and the Khumbu region, I want to provide specific comparisons between these two treks. While this information is by no means comprehensive, I hope it will be of use to any readers who are considering a…

December 5, 2017
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To Everest! Trekking in Nepal’s Khumbu Region

After three weeks on the Annapurna Circuit, we found ourselves in the lakeside city of Pokhara enjoying cocktails, pizza and clean laundry. But soon we were already talking about lacing up our boots again. “We’re in Nepal, so we should probably see Everest while we’re here…”…

December 1, 2017
Fall colors around Annapurna.
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Trekking in Nepal: The Annapurna Circuit

Nepal is world-renowned for trekking and the most popular route is the Annapurna Circuit. Back when we were working in Australia, we made plans with our friends to trek it together. This trail follows river valleys around the Annapurna Massif of the Himalayas, which consists of 30 mountain peaks. In…

November 26, 2017
Australia Outdoors Travel

Australia’s National Parks: The Highlights

Australia is a big country with over 500 National Parks. In our 6-week road trip we managed to drive though, visit and camp in quite a few. Here are my top three National Park experiences. Blue Mountains National Park The Blue Mountains are located just a…

April 22, 2017
Australia Outdoors Travel

Road Trip Australia: Life in an SUV

At the end of November we arrived in Australia. In case y’all were not aware, this continent is HUGE. So we bought a car. We’ve been unemployed for nearly a year, and it pained us to part with a big chunk of our dwindling…

March 2, 2017
Now we can say we've seen a whale fly.
Malaysia Outdoors Travel

The Borneo International Kite Festival

While researching things to do in Sarawak, we were excited to see that our visit aligned with the Borneo International Kite Festival. I haven’t flown a kite since I was a kid, but this adventure sounded like fun. We haven’t caught any big events yet because we…

October 8, 2016
Malaysia Outdoors Travel

The Pinnacles Trek at Mulu National Park

After our time in Sabah, it was time to fly to Mulu National Park in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. (In case you missed it, here’s a map of Borneo.) We prefer to minimize our flights but Mulu can only be reached by plane. In fact,…

October 2, 2016
Malaysia Outdoors Travel

4 Fun Outdoor Adventures in Sabah, Borneo

Malaysian Borneo is for nature lovers. Whether you like your adventures rough and wild or prefer to temper a bit of outdoor exploration with luxurious relaxation, the state of Sabah has a lot to offer. First, a quick geography lesson for Borneo 101. The world’s 3rd…

September 29, 2016