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My compatriots: Schuyler, Nina and Moritz.
Outdoors Tips Travel

Annapurna v. Everest: A Trekking Comparison

After sharing our experience trekking in both the Annapurna Conservation Area and the Khumbu region, I want to provide specific comparisons between these two treks. While this information is by no means comprehensive, I hope it will be of use to any readers who are considering a…

December 5, 2017
Australia Tips Travel

Working in the Outback

Australia is filled with dazzling landscapes and exotic wildlife. Truly, it’s a land unlike any other. But this country is enormous and also quite expensive (especially when compared to Southeast Asia). Enter the working holiday visa programme. The Australian government grants one-year, multiple-entry employment visas to…

July 17, 2017
Getting outside in Arkansas.
Gratitude Lifestyle Mindfulness Tips

Be Happy Right Now: The Practice of Gratitude

Dear readers, Today I’m taking a break from travel blogging to talk about something dear to my heart. If you want to be happier (and who doesn’t?), read on. There’s a reason that I named my website Travel with Gratitude. Through personal experience, I’ve become convinced that practicing…

May 14, 2016
Smiling stone faces at the Bayon Temple.
Cambodia Tips Travel

The Temples of Angkor: A No-Nonsense Guide

Angkor Wat is considered the world’s largest religious monument. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it is also the number-one reason tourists visit Cambodia. Actually, Angkor Archaeological Park is much more than Angkor Wat. The park is over 400 square kilometeres with hundreds of temple ruins. While it’s…

April 16, 2016
Cambodia Tips Travel

How to Spend Five Days in Kep, Cambodia

Kep is a quaint little seaside town about 3 hours from Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh. When the bus dropped us off, we found ourselves a stone’s throw from the beach, in the middle of a street with no cars and no honking. Since Kep is…

March 19, 2016
Finance Lifestyle Tips

13 Tips for Saving Aggressively

Missed the first few posts of my guide to saving money? Read about passive saving and tracking your expenses first. If you want to save a lot in a relatively short amount of time, then you have to get serious and completely change the…

January 25, 2016
Tax Calculator
Finance Tips

Prepare to Save Big by Tracking Your Money

I wish I could tell you that saving big money is easy, but there is no magic trick. Now that we’ve explored the beginner step of passive saving, it’s time to get real. This post will cover a crucial step that is not sexy. If you…

January 10, 2016
Finance Tips

Build A Nest Egg with Passive Saving

I previously shared that I have saved over $20,000 in two years. I won’t pretend like it didn’t take a lot of work, but when I started I found a way to save without even thinking about it. I call this method “passive saving,” and…

January 10, 2016
Lifestyle Mindfulness Tips

How to Meditate: My Quick-Start Guide

I wrote previously about meditation as a tool to help us retrain our minds. I have seen the positive effect of meditation on my own life over the past two years, which is why I get so excited to discuss it with others. When…

January 4, 2016
Lifestyle Tips

Live Better with Less: 7 Steps to Reduce Clutter

Most of us have way too much clutter. We have more stuff than we need to survive on a daily basis and certainly more than we need to be happy. Don’t believe me? Consider the following: tomorrow you have to relocate to a new…

January 2, 2016