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Bang Kao Beach on the southern coast, at low tide.
Outdoors Thailand Travel

Koh Tao and Koh Samui: Full Throttle Flashpacking

We recently had some company on the road, as two friends met us in Thailand for a holiday. We enjoyed introducing them to one of our favorite countries and together we explored the Gulf islands of Koh Tao and Koh Samui. We had a fast-paced trip, but it…

September 12, 2016
Breakfast of champions: honey pancakes with ice cream.
Food Thailand Travel

Delicious Eats in Trang, Thailand

Trang, a provincial capital in southern Thailand, is a transportation hub for some of the Andaman islands, which means that most people only pass through. But this town charmed us and we discovered that Trang is a foodie paradise with markets and street food that…

June 3, 2016
Tonsai: The Magic Beach.
Thailand Travel

Welcome Welcome: The Magic of Tonsai Beach

“Welcome, Welcome!” This is the refrain of Tonsai Beach, called out day and night by the friendly local people working the lone strip of restaurants and accommodation. It’s a place full of good vibes. In a nutshell, this is why we stayed in Tonsai…

May 24, 2016
chiang mai
Thailand Travel

3 Cool Places in Chiang Mai

Today is day 19 of this journey, and we’ve been in Chiang Mai for a week now. How time flies! We took the night train here from Ayutthaya, which was surprisingly comfortable. When we arrived on Sunday morning, we bought a hot Thai coffee and…

February 7, 2016
Thailand Travel

Exploring the Temples of Ayutthaya

After a week in Bangkok, we were ready for a change of pace and took a short train ride to Ayutthaya. The city is full of history as it previously served as the capital of Siam beginning in the mid-1300s until the Burmese conquered…

January 31, 2016
This mushroom soup was so good I literally cried. Wait, that was all the Thai chiles...
Food Thailand Travel

Fueled by Street Food in Bangkok

If you love to eat, visit Bangkok. Eat the street food. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “foodie,” this city will probably turn you into one. While planning our trip, I heard that Bangkok was famous for its street food. But not until…

January 27, 2016

Lessons from a Buddhist Monk

Yesterday we visited Wat Pho (pronounced “waht po”), which is widely considered Bangkok’s top attraction. Wat means “temple” in Thai, and this vast temple complex is older than the city of Bangkok itself. To describe it as stunning is an understatement. Wat Pho holds over 1,000 Buddha…

January 23, 2016
Thailand Travel

Hey Arkies, Welcome to Bangkok

I find myself up at 5 am, listening to the birds calling and cats meowing as Bangkok prepares to wake from its slumber. Our time in this city so far has been exhausting, but in a good way. After a very long but surprisingly comfortable…

January 20, 2016